Aging Face

Rejuvenating an Aging Face

Appearance plays a big role in our lives. Every day we look in the mirror as we prepare ourselves for the day ahead. For some, the reflection can reveal premature signs of aging or birth defects. Despite our best efforts with good diet and exercise the aging process marches on taking a toll on our features.

The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is a personal choice, and the reasons are as unique as the individual. My goal is to help my patients make informed decisions that they are completely comfortable with—whether to enhance features or to correct imperfections. In order to appropriately treat the aging face we must first recognize the underlying causes. Certainly genetics play a big role in how we look and age. There are however things that we can control in our lives that significantly affect the process. Smoking, sun exposure, and alcohol consumption are the big three that accelerate our aging process. Fortunately modern medical science has developed modalities to reverse the effects of aging ranging from skin care to the latest in surgical techniques.

All of us here at Ochsner are committed to providing the very best care for our patients by educating them and tailoring their treatment to meet their individual needs safely and effectively.